Friday, November 30, 2012

I don't sugarcoat! Therefore it's okay I'm an asshole on the internet.

Do you tell it like is, refuse to sugar coat things, keep it real, and take pride in being blunt? Well congratulations! You  just may qualify to get your free-to-be-an-asshole card! Now to be fair, not everyone who meets these qualifications are assholes. Just those who either by ignorance or arrogance fail to realize the difference between being honest and direct and being malignant, loud, and hurtful. You know, those card carrying assholes who use words as weapons, just because they can.  Bonus points to those who only do it over the Internet where anonymity (or so the ignorant ones think) will always shield them from repercussions.

Now you know who you are. You are the ones who like to argue. You frequent the facebook pages and groups that are drama filled or create the drama in the otherwise peaceful groups. But even you aren't the worst offenders.  The worst are the ones with a cause. Usually a very good cause like promoting breastfeeding, exposing gender inequality, bringing awareness about the pros regarding homeschooling, and etc. You are the ones who everybody else with similar values wishes wouldn't speak. The ones so rabid in their beliefs that speaking truth gets lost in a heap of self-righteous, fevered bullshit. You qualify your opinion like it's fact. You hit people over the heads with facts mixed with hate. Okay, you are probably trying to wrap your head around that one so here is an example: "Breastfeeding is giving your baby the best. There is no other good alternative. So women who know ahead of time that they actually can't breastfeed for medical reasons, shouldn't have babies."  See what I mean? There is some fact in there, but it's so overshadowed by ugliness. Who the hell is that woman that she can tell another woman she doesn't deserve the procreate because she can't lactate? And what was that woman's defense of her statements? She doesn't sugarcoat things. 

So make sure you carry your card proud. You've decided to ignore tact and common courtesy and answer to that higher calling of "truth telling". Like it is! Or at least, the way you see it. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's consummate this bitch!

The title? Well, I heard a bride say that at the of her wedding reception and I've been dying to work into something. Seeing how this is my first blog post, I figured this will do. It will be either the way new readers think fondly on my new blog or my first transgression. I can guarantee it will not be the last of the latter, but I sincerely hope you'll stick with me anyway!

Welcome to my blog. The title, Streaming Consciousness, conveys my intended content; my thoughts, coherent or not, on the things that speak to me most. I plan to share my experiences as I navigate though this life and hope that you will not mind sharing back. Together, perhaps we can all learn and grow.

I hope you enjoy sharing in my journey from time to time.